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“This development offers challenges to our companies, on the one hand, but also great opportunities. Whoever positions themselves courageously at the top of these developments has the possibility of capturing the markets of the future.”

Georg Witschel

German Ambassador in Brazil

Sustainable Future Dialogues is a series of international meetings, resulting from a partnership between iCS and the German Embassy in Brazil, which grew from a long history of cooperation between the two countries about climate.

In 2015, this commitment was reaffirmed by the signing of a Joint Declaration about Climate Change, which has become an important platform on which Brazil and Germany cooperate in the realization of the objectives and targets of the Paris Agreement.


During the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21, Paris, 2015), heads of state, mayors, governors, public administrators, CEOs of companies and civil society organizations around the world all reaffirmed their commitment to act so that the increase in the global temperature would not exceed 2°C in comparison with the pre-industrial levels. They also guaranteed that all countries would gradually and definitively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) by the middle of the XXI century.

The Agreement, signed by over 200 countries, also determined that the most developed nations provide 100 billion dollars each year to developing countries, in order to enable the planning and implementation of measures to combat global warming and adaptation to the effects of climate change, expressed in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).


The Paris Agreement makes it urgent to reconsider local and global presuppositions of models of development, investment, financial instruments and public policies of health, energy and mobility. There is a need to act in international cooperation because the safe future of the climate is a responsibility of all nations and represents a unique opportunity to guarantee sustainable development.


 “The transition to a low carbon economy has to come together with sustainable development and to be socially fair and economically viable.”

Ana Toni

Executive Director of the Climate and Society Institute

To hold international meetings about key topics for the exchange of experiences, practices and knowledge directed towards local and global targets relating to climate.


To place the topic of climate change at the center of the schedule of national development, especially in the political, social, economic and business, short and medium term agendas.



To disseminate and debate strategies for sustainable development.

To motivate and optimize multilateral and multisector actions that lead to compliance with the targets of the Paris Agreement.



Instituto Clima e Sociedade – iCS
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
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Embaixada da República Federal da

Alemanha em Brasília
SES - Avenida das Nações, Qd. 807, lote 25  

Brasília, DF, Brasil - CEP 70.415-900

Tel +55 (61) 3442-7000

Diálogos Futuro Sustentável é uma parceria do Instituto Clima e Sociedade - iCS e Embaixada da República Federal da Alemanha em Brasília.



Gestão de Interesse Público - GIP
Rua General Dionísio, 14, Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

CEP 22.271-050

Tel +55 (21) 2551-6092


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